Pool Rules

National Hills Pool is a private pool and memberships are available upon application. Membership is not limited to the  Natiional Hills Neighborhood.


THIS ADDENDUM REGARDING COVID19 REGULATIONS, supercedes and/or is in addition to the original Rules as listed below:

  1. No person(s) with a fever, coughing or exhibiting any symptoms of the COVID19 Virus will be allowed in the pool or enclosure.
  2. Maintain social distancing of 6 feet from non-family members. Members not adhering to this rule will be asked once to comply. If they do not, they will be asked to leave the pool for the day.
  3. Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer. Avoid sharing of pool toys, goggles, noodles, etc. with non-family members.
  4. With the exception of a parent and child, no more than 2 persons in the restroom at a time.
  5. Observe markings at concession stand for social distancing. No loitering around concession stand or canopy area.
  6. No Parties will be scheduled at this time. This will be subject to review at a later date.
  7. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult/babysitter.
  8. No Guests will be allowed until June 15.

The following rules and regulations are established for the health, welfare and safety of all members of the National Hills Pool and their guests. As a condition of membership, it is agreed that the National Hills Pool is absolved of all liability in any cause for action where it can be shown that there was a failure to comply with the rules as stated herein.

National Hills Pool Board members reserve the right to change these rules and regulations at which time the membership will be notified. The pool manager or senior lifeguard on duty are authorized to evict anyone violating or failing to comply with the regulations and to enforce such additional rules or regulations as may be necessary for proper, safe operation of the pool.

Repeated infractions will be referred to the Board of Trustees. As indicated in the Club By-laws, the Board of Trustees may suspend or terminate pool privileges for the violator and/or entire family as necessary. The lifeguard on duty shall act as representative of management and shall have the authority to enforce these regulations and to supervise the general conduct of the swimmers.

Phone: 706-432-9947

Manager: Jody Grant, 706-294-9278, jgrant@nationalhillspool.com
Secretary: Diane White, 706-829-1005, dmcknight@nationalhillspool.com
Treasurer: Tina Slendak, 706-831-0279, tslendak@nationalhillspool.com

A. General

  1. The National Hills Pool accepts no responsibility of loss of money or the loss of or damage to articles belonging to those using the pool.
  2. No pets are allowed inside the pool enclosure.
  3. Although alcoholic beverages are not specifically excluded in the pool area, consumption should be inconspicuous as not to offend those members who do not consume alcohol. Pour your beverage into a paper/Styrofoam cup or use a Koozie. Absolutely no glass bottles or containers are allowed on pool grounds (Richmond County Health Dept. regulations).
  4. Anyone caught with glass containers at the pool will be asked to take the glass items off of the pool property. Any member who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances which have a detrimental effect on pool safety and environment will be removed from the pool area.
  5. No smoking is allowed by persons under legal age. Cigarette butts are to be disposed of properly.
  6. Tampering with or defacing National Hills Pool property or equipment is prohibited. Property damage will be charged to the responsible member.
  7. Parents, whether present or not, are responsible for the conduct of their children and children’s guests using National Hills Pool. Members will be asked to leave the pool if they do not adhere to the rules. On the first offense, member will be issued a warning to stop. If the same behavior continues, the member will “sit out” for a time to be determined by the manager. If behavior continues after “sitting out” the member will be asked to leave the pool property. The manager will contact parents of children (if applicable) and notify them of the behavior and inform them of length of suspension. Parents will be expected to pick up the child immediately or arrange for the child to go home. If the behavior is deemed grossly inappropriate by a lifeguard or the manager, the member may be asked to leave immediately.
  8. A ten minute break (“adult break”) will be called 10 minutes before each hour. Only adults age 18 and over may be in the pool at this time. All members should stay out of the pool (no sitting on pool edge) until the lifeguards give the signal to resume swim time.
  9. A telephone is available for use by members of the pool. The phone is available for local calls only, and should be used primarily for emergency purposes. Members should limit the time spent on the phone and no loitering, lingering, and excessive use of the phone will be authorized.

B. Members

  • Members who have not paid their annual dues are not eligible to use the pool facilities until the fees are paid in full. All dues must be paid by Opening Day, unless other arrangements have been made with the Treasurer. Members who do not honor their financial agreement with the pool will not be allowed to use the pool and their memberships will be terminated.
  • Before memberships are approved, members must read the rules and sign a form stating such, and that you and your family agree to abide by the rules. An emergency phone number must also be on file at concession stand. Members must register at the concession stand upon entering the pool.
  • Persons swimming that are not members/paid guests will be asked to leave.

C.  Health and Safety

  1. Only persons in swimming attire are permitted to swim in the pool. No cut-offs are allowed (loose threads damage the filter system.)
  2. All commonly recognized rules of sanitation and safety shall be observed at all times.
  3. No spitting, running, pushing, horseplay or causing undue disturbance is permitted in or around the pool. Anyone causing an injury to another person by a deliberate act will be expelled from the pool for a length of time specified by the pool management.
  4. No sitting or hanging on the lifeline is permitted.
  5. No unnecessary conversation or loitering around the lifeguard on duty is permitted.
  6. Babies in disposable diapers are not allowed in the pool. All babies must wear a “swim” diaper. If they are not brought from home, they can be purchased at the concession stand. Parents should dispose of diapers at home and not in the pool trash containers.
  7. Members may not use the pool when they are ill, have an infection of any type, or have open wounds.
  8. Climbing on fencing is prohibited.
  9. To ensure the safety of all pool participants, the pool staff reserves the right to close the pool in case of lightning, thunder or heavy rain. The reopening of the facility will be left to the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
  10. The pool will be closed for a minimum of 8 hours if anyone defecates, vomits or bleeds in the pool. This is a County Health Department regulation.
  11. Only lifeguards, managers and approved Board members are allowed in the pump house and concession stand.

E. Swimming Pool

  1. Except when taking swim lessons, children 12 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a responsible person (pool member, approved sitter, age 14 or over) who demonstrates maturity and concentration in watching the child in his/her care.
  2. Radios may be used on a low volume setting.
  3. Glass containers, balloons, chewing gum, or chewing tobacco are not allowed inside the pool enclosure.
  4. No eating or drinking will be allowed in the water or near the edge of the pool.
  5. The only equipment permitted in the pools will be masks, goggles, nose and earplugs. No tennis balls or water guns allowed at the pool. Floats will be permitted at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty. No flotation devices will be allowed in the deep end without permission from the pool manager.
  6. Only one person at a time may use the diving board, and then only with care for those swimming
  7. below. There is to be no jumping or diving off the side of the diving board or hanging on the underside.

F. Facilities

  1. Members are requested to keep restroom facilities clean. Flush after each use. Do not flush any foreign articles, such as sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels or disposable diapers.
  2. Clean-up of any graffiti or other defacement is an unnecessary expense that will be borne by the responsible party
  3. Faulty plumbing and stopped up toilets should be immediately reported to the management/lifeguards on duty.
  4. All trash is to be disposed of in trash containers.
  5. Sinks in restrooms are NOT to be used for washing dishes.

G. Designated Guardians

  1. Designated guardians (i.e., baby-sitters) of children not old enough to use the pool unattended or who have not passed the swim test, must be 14 years of age or older and registered with the Board of Trustees.
  2. If you employ a regular babysitter that will swim with your child, a $25 fee will be added to your dues. Non-swimming sitters do not pay a fee, but should still be registered with the Board of Trustees. The $25 Sitter Fee only entitles the sitter to swim privileges when babysitting your child(ren). Sitters that wish to bring their own children while they are babysitting yours must pay a membership fee.
  3. All baby-sitters are subject to all rules that apply to members.
  4. Conduct of baby-sitters is the direct responsibility of the member who sponsors them.

H. Pool Parties

  1. Permission for a pool party must be requested in written form on a Party Application Form to the Pool Manager, at least ten days prior to the expected party date. Forms are available at the concession stand. The member sponsoring the party must be present at the party for the entire length of the party.
  2. Appropriate lifeguard staff will be necessary for all parties during or after pool hours. The responsible party will be charged for each lifeguard needed.
  3. The cost for rental of the pool will be $100, payable to National Hills Pool. If parties are held after regular pool operating hours, the party host is responsible for lifeguard salaries. A minimum of two lifeguards must be scheduled for each party. The cost of each lifeguard will be $12.50 per hour, also payable to National Hills Pool. A separate check for $50 for a cleanup deposit must also accompany all party applications. This check will be returned to the member (uncashed) after the party if the area was cleaned up properly. These fees are to be paid in advance. Party hours include the entire time the pool is being used.
  4. The person(s) hosting the party are responsible for clean-up and should arrange to have all trash picked up. The lifeguards are responsible for closing the facility, NOT clean-up.
  5. If it rains during the first hour of your party, the party can be rescheduled at a convenient time by the Pool Manager.
  6. No balloons are allowed at the pool. See Party Application Form for additional guidelines.

I. Pool Operation

  1. All constructive criticism on pool operation should be directed to the Pool Manager in written form.
  2. All incidents and accidents are to be reported immediately to the lifeguard on duty. These incidents will be reported to the pool manager.
  3. All members are expected to cooperate with the pool staff at all times.